What's going on with Cri de Coeur?

Dear fans and friends,

If you're wondering what's going on with Cri de Coeur, you're not alone!  We've been getting a lot of questions about when we'll have new products out or old favorites restocked.  We haven't been able to give any precise answers, as it's been unclear to us as well what the future holds.  Eleven years ago, Cri de Coeur began as a dream to fulfill the shoe needs of so many vegan ladies craving stylish footwear.  It was a nonstop whirlwind, once the first collection was unveiled for Spring 2008 market.  An instant hit among the press and forward-thinking buyers, my NYC apartment became the fulfillment center, stuffed with cartons and cartons of shoes floor to ceiling.  Eventually we hired warehouses, showrooms, publicists, were worn by celebrities, sold around the world, staged major NY fashion week events and got to do what we loved - designing amazing accessories without using any animal products. 

Personally, Julie and I both became mothers, which has been the most life-changing transformation either of us could imagine.  Suddenly, Cri de Coeur wasn't our baby anymore, because our human babies were there needing us even more.  And it brought up even more thoughts and feelings about sustainability, and how what we are making and consuming really impacts the planet for future generations.  Just producing vegan isn't enough - we must make shoes 100% sustainably. 

So for now, we are closing the door on Cri de Coeur as we know it - but keeping it open enough to be able to come back in the future, once we have done the research and development to be able to put a shoe out there that we are truly proud of - stylistically and environmentally.

Please help us pass on our remaining inventory at these amazing prices, to you, so that our legacy can carry on, on the feet of our amazing loyal customers!! 

With so much love and gratitude
Gina & Julie

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